Cristian Gutierrez-Ibanez

Cristian Gutierrez-Ibanez

post-doctoral researcher, Biology Department

University of Alberta


I am currently a research associate working in the laboratory of Professor Douglas Wylie in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. I am a broadly trained biologist, primarily interested in the evolution of neural circuits, particularly those involved in sensorimotor integration and motor control. My research is inherently comparative. Any one model species has limitations in what it can tell us about neural mechanisms, and therefore, a comparative approach to brain –behavior relationships is essential to discover general principles of information processing and neural circuit design.

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  • Neural circuits Evolution
  • Comparative neuroanatomy
  • Motor control in birds


  • PhD in Neuroscience, 2013

    University of Alberta

  • BSc in Science, mention in Biology, 2004

    Universidad de Chile

Recent Publications

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(2021). Pretecto- and ponto-cerebellar pathway to the pigeon oculomotor cerebellum follow a zonal organization. In: Journal of Comparative Neurology. Accepted for publication.

(2021). A quantitative analysis of cerebellar anatomy in birds. In: Brain Structure and Function. online

(2020). Zebrin Expression in the Cerebellum of Two Crocodilian Species. In: Brain, Behavior and Evolution, (95), 1, pp. 1–11.

(2019). Pretectal projections to the oculomotor cerebellum in hummingbirds (Calypte anna), zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata), and pigeons (Columba livia). In: Journal of Comparative Neurology, (527), 16, pp. 2644–2658.

(2019). Secretagogin Immunoreactivity Reveals Lugaro Cells in the Pigeon Cerebellum. In: The Cerebellum, (18), 3, pp. 544–555.

(2018). Modulation of complex spike activity differs between zebrin-positive and-negative Purkinje cells in the pigeon cerebellum. In: Journal of neurophysiology, (120), 1, pp. 250–262.


Birds sensorimotor pathways

Main project studying the organization of Forebrain-cerebellar pathways in birds

Grass felowship

project I worked on during my Grass fellowship at the MBL in 2019 studying CPGs in the spinal cord of chickens